There is a basket of fresh bread on your head, yet you go door to door asking for crusts.

― Jalaluddin Rumi

About the Spirit of Finding

Light the Way

there is a crack in time that opens to the softest heart you can feel into it like a midwife gently probing for the hidden pulse their eyes do not even know what they search for touching them, they may not respond the truth

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The Power of YES and NO

Your YESes and your NOs are the very foundation of your self-creation. They are the basis of your innate guidance system – if you’re willing to listen. The result of listening is clarity, and the possibility of living a wholehearted life where you can achieve what you truly desire.

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Cultivate the Heart of Appreciation this Solstice Season

Holidays can be some of the most challenging times to deal with, especially when we are, through traditions or other obligations, forced back into family situations where relationships may be far from ideal. But when we are able to abide in a kind and grateful and even gently humorous heart space, we are bound to find the occasions of holiday gatherings easier to handle.

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Are you under the wave, or on top of it?

When we are caught in emotional states, we are drowning beneath the wave instead of riding on top of it. Emotions are not the problem, it’s our relationship to them that frees us or imprisons us. Learn to surf the emotional waves and find yourself in an ocean of awakening.

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A hidden truth about the Law of Attraction

Like attracts like, right? Except when it seems not to. Truth is, activating a desire also activates what appears to be its opposite. This is not accidental, but a function of the law of polarity and a feature of our dualistic universe. Don’t lose heart, it’s just the physics of consciousness at play.

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The Bridge to Now-Here

Being present in each moment may be the most important spiritual practice, but it’s easier said than done. That’s because our mind is conditioned to suppress, escape and avoid being fully present and aware. But with this simple practice, you can get a leg up on the galloping horse of the mind.

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