Live Your Spark!


Live Your Spark! is all about manifesting the joyful genius that you are. It’s an invitation to tune into your inner well of limitless energy, focusing it in a balanced and enthusiastic way every day, and releasing any fear or resistance that arises along the way.

To live your spark is to embark on a heroic journey into a new world where you are discovering and contributing deeply from your connection to the source field. It’s about being fully alive and engaged, not holding anything back, not waiting for a better day or a perfect way to express the beauty and the magic of who you are.

Too often people believe it’s too late to get started on our deepest dreams. But the party is not over. In fact, it’s always just beginning. Every time you say YES to yourself and to your deepest dreams, you start reorienting your life towards what makes you most truly alive. It’s time to put on your wings and fly!

Your journey begins when you align to your “pole star” or true inner purpose. You will know what this is because it will enliven you, causing you to rise out of bed each day with eagerness for new horizons and the experiences they bring. Being connected to your core purpose informs your “way of being” in each moment, and also points you towards “what to do.”

Sustaining yourself for the journey requires the regular practice of:

  1. connecting yourself to source energy through meditations of various kinds, and aligning yourself with your purpose or calling
  2. manifesting your desired goals each day through active visualizations and follow-through actions, and working to develop your legacy for creating a better world
  3. navigating change, developing your creativity, and releasing limiting beliefs and lower-vibrational states through various transformational practices.

Connecting with the Source Field and Activating your Purpose or Calling.
Manifesting your Vision and Desires and 
Developing your Legacy.
Navigating Change and Transforming Fear and Resistance.

Develop a practice in these three areas and NOTHING CAN STOP YOU. All of the offerings of Quest for Emergence — coaching, courses, writings, meditations — are designed to help you do precisely these three things.

Embracing Change

You may be undergoing great changes at this time in your life, seeking a new outlook or purpose, perhaps a new job or a relationship. Maybe your children are leaving home, your friendships or key support circle is changing, or you are having a “midlife crisis,” which is inviting you to deeply redefine who you are and what you want.  Perhaps you are feeling called to a new life path, or to leave a legacy that uplifts others. Whatever your situation, you recognize that deep change is calling and that it’s time now to live your spark and be the person you truly want to be, every day.

And it all starts the moment you wake up in the morning.

Live Your Spark, One Day at a Time

Whatever your goals or desires are – becoming a writer or musician, starting a new business, attaining your desired body image, learning to dance, or following your inner voice to uplift the world in small or large ways – it all starts when you wake up in the morning. The 24-hour day is the cosmic cycle that we share with everyone and with all life on earth. It’s often said that we only have today, and that’s true! Tomorrow is not yet here and therefore is imaginary, and yesterday, no matter what we did or did not accomplish, is already gone. Today is it, baby!

Today is it!

What does this mean? Simply this: that today is your “field of view” as well as your “arena of action.” Today is the only space in which to bring forth the life you truly want to live. Today is the only time to make your desires known, and to take action on them. Today is the only context for making your dreams real, for being a force of love and healing on this planet. Too often, people believe that tomorrow will be a better time to begin. But like the sign in the laundromat that says, “Free Soap Tomorrow,” at some point we wake up to the cosmic joke that tomorrow doesn’t actually exist, and never will, not until it becomes today.

So, welcome to today: the only time and place you have to be the person and live the life you have always dreamed of!

Live Your Spark Mini-Course

What if, instead of hitting the snooze button, you set your phone or MP3 player to automatically turn on a series of brief guided meditations that would assist you in making the transition from a being of pure nonphysical consciousness – that is, who and what you are while you are asleep – to a being who is physically focused and has a body and a physical environment and physical actions to undertake over the course of a waking day?

What if these exercises could help you tune into who you are as a being of light and energy, as a co-creator with the universe, and gently woo you into awakening?

What if these exercises could help to gradually shift your focus from the inner to the outer world, and left you positively charged and ready to engage the people and activities in your day with eagerness and warmth?

And what if these exercises took no longer then one or two hits of your snooze button?

My hope is that these guided meditations and exercises will help spark you to be your best self as you wake up every morning and rise to meet the creative opportunities of each day.

Learn more about the LYS Mini-Course

…Full online course currently in development

The three primary meditations and exercises included in the Live Your Spark! Mini-Course serve as an introduction into the more comprehensive Live Your Spark! online course.

The full Live Your Spark! program is a 7-stage rocket for propelling you into for living a life of presence, purpose, passion, and play. It’s all about expressing your natural brilliance, being creative, and manifesting the heartful person you really are in every relationship and interaction. Whether you are seeking to develop a new habit, start a business, or full-on answer your inner calling, LYS will give you the tools to connect, manifest, and transform your life.

The 7 steps of Live Your Spark! are:

STEP 1 One Being My Presencing System Who I am
STEP 2 One Calling My Guidance System Where I’m going
STEP 3 One Opus My Creation System What I’m doing
STEP 4 One Breakthrough My Transformation System How I’m expanding
STEP 5 One Embrace My Relational System How I love
STEP 6 One Voice My Communication System How I express
STEP 7 One Life My Integrated Life System How I live

Live Your Spark utilizes my Magic of 1 framework, which encourages a more sane and achievable approach to personal and spiritual growth. It teaches practitioners to:

  • Focus on one goal at a time
  • Engage in one activity at a time
  • Make one choice or decision at a time
  • Change one habit at a time
  • Be present one moment at a time
  • Utilize one transformational strategy at a time
  • Take life one day at a time

By remembering this and practicing the Magic of 1 approach, we can relieve ourselves of needless struggle and find ourselves arriving more and more in a world enchanted by wonder, love and meaning.

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