Transformational Life Coaching

Purpose | Legacy | Change

Are you currently “questing”?

Are you going through a significant life transition that is asking that you let go and stretch your sense of self into new and more life-affirming patterns?

Are you actively investigating your life calling or considering your legacy, and aiming at something novel and/or much bigger than ever before?

Do you have a deep desire to re-enchant your life, recover your joy, and become a force of love and healing on this planet?

Are you at an impasse in a relationship, needing to express yourself more forthrightly but not wanting to close your heart?

Are you seeking to integrate a profound spiritual opening experience?

Have you reached a key passage in your life where you realize you cannot go on as before, and would like compassionate support for exploring who and where you are, and for taking the next steps?

Are you done talking and thinking and trying to “figure things out” and ready to go deeper with yourself and with life?

Are you searching for greater connectedness, meaning and purpose?

Do you have a life-changing idea or invention and need support in taking the next step?

Has traditional talk therapy not “gotten you there”?

How I Can Help

With over 30 year’s experience in the personal growth and spiritual development arena — and having lived through some profound changes myself — I am here to help you focus on the optimal functioning of your authentic self, today and into the future.

I can assist you in your quest to:

  • explore your purpose, passion and calling
  • develop your “grand opus” or legacy project
  • get started with/restart/revive any creative project
  • consider a vocational change
  • develop your relationship with your inner guidance
  • develop a new habit
  • explore your innate creativity
  • express yourself, e.g., through public speaking
  • become more confident
  • communicate better or heal a relationship
  • better manage your time and energy
  • learn or deepen your meditation/transformation practices
  • shift beliefs and attitudes
  • deepen your relationship to life
  • practice the law of attraction/art of allowing
  • deal with sudden/deep change
  • and more.

My approach is gently “integral” — encouraging you to develop yourself in body, emotions, mind and spirit, to deepen your relationship to yourself, others, your community and world, and to pursue what makes you most passionate about life.

Explore the Possibilities, Pressure-Free

If you’ve yet to have a coach to facilitate your taking the next step with your life, relationships or career, you owe it to yourself to explore the potential of this kind of relationship. I’m happy to offer a brief session that is free of any pressure to do more than discuss your current situation and goals. In around a quarter hour, you can see if going further might be fruitful.  If you’re ready to explore the possibility, schedule a call time here.

Is a Coach Necessary?

By definition, what we are unaware of, we are unaware of. Another person who is also walking the path of awakening can as an outside observer more objectively see what your mind, settled in its own habitual patterns, may not be able to see. In this way, you can learn to broaden your perception of both your gifts and your subconscious programming. He or she also brings a lifetime of unique and different experiences, and can thus help expand your choices of how to respond and create more consciously and confidently. Finally, having another person as a participant in your inquiry can be reinvigorating, as it’s no longer just you talking to yourself but a more active and vibrant co-creation. Just being witnessed can be very profound and potentiating. This is the highest form of service we can do for each other.

In-Depth Coaching Sessions

My coaching sessions run as long as a full 45 minutes when needed, not the typical 30 minutes of many other coaches. Why?  Because I want each person I work with to have the time to reflect, respond, and share in a process-oriented context. What is “process-oriented”?  It is simply an approach that pays attention to what is happening in the moment — so it’s not just talk about “what you did” and “what you’re going to do.” For example, as we engage with each other and with your key life questions today, you may reflect on your currently arising physical responses, intuitive images or feelings, sudden questions or revelations, etc. I find it best not to try to shoehorn my coaching clients into sessions that may be too brief to explore in this way. However, if you just want a quick-connection session so you can get back to the joy of creating something wonderful, well yeah.

What to Expect

No two people are alike, and neither are coaching plans. That being said, here are some things you can expect from me and from our time together:

  • You can expect me to treat you as an individual with unique talents, desires, goals and needs.
  • You can expect me to treat you as a whole person, mind, body, heart,  soul and spirit, and to encourage all these parts to be engaged in our time together and in your life always.
  • You can expect me to ask you a lot of questions, to listen more than talk, to help you identify patterns that may not be working,  and to suggest new approaches.
  • You can expect me to help you build on your strengths and strengthen your suboptimal habits.
    I want each person I work with to have the time to reflect, respond, and share
  • You can expect me to be straight with you when something is not working or I think you’re overlooking something important or even fooling yourself.
  • You can expect me to be nonjudgmental, supportive, honest, clear, intuitive, and sometimes provocative and challenging.
  • You can expect us to jointly develop a coaching plan with concrete goals by the end of the first session, and to refer to and update it regularly.  You can expect me to help you hold yourself accountable to yourself – not to me; and therefore:
  • You can expect me to treat you as an adult.
  • You can expect some initial writing to get you going and to share with me before we start, and also some along the way.
  • You can expect me to respond to emails within 24 hours, often much sooner.
  • I may recommend practices or meditations, which are always free to adapt to your own use.

Want to know more about what to expect, and how coaching differs from traditional therapy or counseling? Click here for my “Principles of Transformational Life Coaching.”


Coaching sessions take place by Skype (with or without camera) or by phone. Skype calls can be recorded (audio only) and an mp3 sent to you after each session.

Below you will find the coaching plans I’m currently offering (click each to expand), and my introductory (that is, my personal coming-of-internet-age launch) prices. (My “regular prices” are about 40% higher, but these prices will be good for a few months at least.) Remember, before committing to anything, you are always welcome to request a free 15-minute consultation. Book it here.

John-Michael encouraged me to be the major artist of our work together. I found that I was divine in my imperfection and master of myself and how others treated me.
– M.D.
All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  That’s right, you can work as many as four full sessions with me, without risk. If after that time you decide it’s not working for you, you’ll have lost nothing but a few hours of your time, and hopefully less than that if you’ve been taking advantage of this opportunity to focus on your life.

Not all coaching relationships are meant to be, that’s a given.  Of course it is my hope that you would take advantage of the free initial consultation and be able to determine within one or two sessions whether our time together is helping you move forward.

If you are actively engaged in the coaching relationship – which includes spending time on your own reflecting, writing, and working with exercises and meditations as may be recommended – I’m confident that you will get what you need, and likely quite a bit more. Read what others are saying about working with me.

Season of Change Coaching Plan
Breakthrough Moon Intensive Coaching Plan
Are you interested in exploring an intensive weekend of awakening and transformation in person, where you live? Please inquire.

Is Now the Time?

If you’ve come this far and you’re asking this question, the answer is probably “yes.” But if you want to be more clear, the next two questions you have to ask yourself are:

1) What do I have to lose by not acting now? 

2) What do I have to gain by acting now? 

By really delving into these questions in a committed fashion, you’ll come to understand if now is the time. The truth is, you have to be ready, and no one can tell you that but you.

That being said, sometimes we have to jump in the deep end of the pool before we feel ready in order to discover what we are truly capable of. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith. Sometimes we have to act when hemming and hawing and waiting for the “perfect time” or the “right time” isn’t getting us there. So, what does your gut — not your head — say?

If you’re ready, and/or willing to leap, the only other question remaining then is, Am I the person to help you?

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to explore that:  schedule a free consultation here.

Please note: I offer a limited number of reduced-cost sessions for veterans or those who cannot afford my full rates. Please inquire.

Disclaimer: If you are dealing with a physical or psychological problem, you should strongly consider making use of qualified medical and psychological professionals. My work is not intended to substitute for these primary resources, nor am I making any claims for healing physical or psychological maladies through my coaching work. Part of any healing remedy may involve western allopathic medicine or procedures. Check with your feelings and your rational mind and use all resources available to you.