What others are saying

Feedback on Sessions

With John-Michael’s guidance I was able to come out of my shell emotionally, mentally, even physically. He encouraged me to be the major artist of our work together. I found that I was divine in my imperfection and master of myself and how others treated me. I have never found such profound, healing work before or since. –M.D.

I began seeing John-Michael for help resolving a variety of health issues. We began working through the layers of issues that were affecting my emotional and physical health until I was able to identify sources of problems and become strong enough to make changes to improve my life. Later, we worked together to explore my spirituality – all in a very safe, loving and supportive environment. I had explored traditional therapy before and it did not work for me. John-Michael has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and I found his non-traditional ways of getting to the bottom of issues both exciting and effective.Linda L.

The work with John-Michael connected me to my past lives and to break through my inhibitions. I was able to trace my life and my lives back to the 17th, 16th and 4th centuries. I will have to say the next two years of my life were a fun, exciting, and unexpected journey, experiences I will never forget and from which I am learning to this day. –Holly H.

John-Michael masterfully facilitates resolution of one’s deepest issues, resulting in profound transformational healing.DB

After one treatment I walked away feeling more energized and balanced than ever before.KM

I have been waiting all my life for this. –G.F.

Feedback on Workshops

BEST CLASS EVER. My emotional body is being altered with this work in sound…for the better as evidenced by my lighthearted approach to this work (not to mention all the laughing I do in the class thanks to the Scarecrow (who shall go nameless to protect his identity). Your music is so healing to the emotional body, or the heart as you call it. Can’t wait for next week. -Sacred Circle Sacred Voice Participant

The beauty and the true wonder of this entire experience is that I am “doing” this without really trying..and without the assistance of my intellect. Each week I just show up, and I surrender my control to the healing vibrations of the words of peace and the sounds of love that have been brought down through all these generations by so many wonderful spiritual traditions. And I almost forgot one of the most essential components of this workshop…we laugh a whole lot. This workshop has been one of the best gifts I have ever received…I highly recommend to any of you seekers out there that if you are in search of your next very special gift, definitely consider this. -S.G.

John Michael is a natural catalyst for transformation. He was a colleague of mine at The Monroe Institute when I first experienced his extraordinary skill in taking individual and group energy quickly into a deep state. Using verbal guidance, vocalization, and music in combination with his instinctual compassion and empathy, his guidance is clear, non-dogmatic, and  empowering. As a participant in JM’s guided meditations, I was able to move easily beyond the mental chatter and relax within the connection to my higher self. –Leslie France

[We] were spaced out in the best of ways today [from] the wonderful energy and music… what a wonderful time we had, I am so glad we were there, some of your songs are now running though my head… During the last song I went to the void, the empty comfortable place where perhaps consciousness resides, or perhaps where we come from….It felt like we went on a voyage together, our small group, like we had been together for months instead of hours. –G.V.

I attended a group sound healing workshop. John-Michael greeted us with a large selection of instruments — drums, cymbals, chimes. He led us in the spontaneous generation of song and chants to create a resonant environment optimal to moving a tremendous amount of energy. The group became a single unit, synchronizing our music without planning or instruction. Several members experienced deep insights and emotional catharsis. We felt lifted, opened, and renewed. –Organizer/Participant

Moment by moment, this workshop has been a truly transformative experience that has been food for my Soul on a mind, body and heart level. John-Michael is a finely tuned facilitator with a refreshing blend of intellect, dedication, enthusiasm and sensitivity. -Sacred Circle Sacred Voice participant