Have You Written your Love Letter to the World?

It’s undeniable. Life can be confounding. Our job pulls us this way. Our family pulls us that way. Our sense of responsibility to the Earth pulls us yet a different way. Then we have goals and desires for our physical body, our romantic relationships, our pet projects and hobbies and favorite activities.

We also have deeply held dreams, sometimes so deep we haven’t shared them with anyone. Yet despite the distractions and busyness of our everyday lives, the dream just won’t let us go.

And there comes a time for all of us where we feel a Call to something new and different. Perhaps that Call is inspired by a vision or spiritual experience we’ve had. Sometimes it’s driven by a seemingly unsolvable problem, perhaps in our family, community, or somewhere out in the world. Maybe it’s that long-ago dream from childhood, that has been burning like an ember, and now suddenly feels like it wants to burst into flame.

Sometimes the Call is ignited by a sense that if we don’t change our course and choose a higher life of purpose and meaning, our lives will not be what we came here for. This Call can be felt at times of crisis and change, such as when our children leave home, our job loses meaning, our marriage breaks up, or we reach certain milestones like midlife where, even though our personality and body seem to be walking in one direction, our heart and soul cry out for us to walk a different way.

At times like these, we need to step back, perhaps go on retreat, spend time in nature alone for several days or weeks if we can manage it, and pull out our journal and start “deep listening.”

Now may be the time to write your Love Letter to the World.

Like the love letters you used to write to a romantic partner, this is a letter where you pour out your heart about who you really want to be and how you really want to experience embodied life on planet Earth. Your love letter is a statement of intent, a declaration of will and vision, a deeply considered testimony about who you really are, what you really want, what your heart truly sees as a solution that benefits all of life, that protects what is most vulnerable and valuable, and that promotes a vision that you are willing to get behind, 100%, without preconditions.

You see, it’s as much a love letter to yourself as it is to the world. It’s a way for you to touch into those places in your heart and soul that have been yearning to express their unlimited creativity, love, passion, truth, beauty, and goodness. These places cannot help but uplift you and everyone around you. After all, it’s who you really are. It’s who you’ve come here to be.

Writing your love letter to the world may be easy or hard, I just can’t say. If you’ve been holding back, waiting for the right time, distracted by lesser things, then you might find this love letter breaks through a dam that leaves you feeling breathless and emotional. But even if you have been acting in concert with your soul’s calling, there may be a new and higher level waiting to emerge. That breakthrough may be just as startling and profound.

One thing I know: the world needs our love letters. There’s so much pain and suffering and fear, so many crying out to be heard, seen, and loved. There are so many dreams waiting to be birthed, waiting for the fanning of their embers, perhaps waiting for you to share your gifts and your vision about what the world can be.

It’s never too late to write your love letter. It’s never too late to bare your soul. It’s never too late to embrace the world as The Beloved.

Your love letter is at one level a blueprint for expressing into creation that which you hold most sacred. You may not share the letter itself, but the letter becomes your logos (word), which is creation. It is your way of sharing your Spark and making a difference.

Creation is a magnificent gift. If you have felt that, share it.

If you have touched into the peace that surpasses all understanding, share it.

If you have experienced the unity beyond all duality, share it.

If you have lived through a dark night and picked yourself up to walk yet again into a new day, share it.

Who are you to say your gift is not valuable? Who are you to say your truth does not matter? Who are you to hold back what may be just the thing that someone needs to hear or see or feel to bring their spark to full flame?

I am that. You are that. We are that.

But somehow, we’ve forgotten and settled for lesser dreams like certainty and comfort. But will these, in the end, satisfy our souls?

So take a day, or weekend, or week, soon, and write your love letter in your own handwriting. See and feel The Beloved receiving each word and each sentiment you express. Let the process be a mysterious opening, beyond what you might have even thought or imagined when you began it.

Write your love letter. The world is waiting. Waiting for something that only you can give.